About me

Let’s start with an Introduction to my Self.

 Hey, My Name is Meshaim Abbasi,  currently doing Mphil from KFUEIT from Rahim Yar Khan. I had started Blogging, SEO, and Web development in 2019.
I have been working in this field, since 2019, it’s been a long time & Finally, my hard work starts paying me what I deserve.
Let me Highlight some of the Highlighted moments of My Life, throughout this Journey.

In 2019, I was very curious to know about things related to Websites, Blogging, and all this kind of stuff, I had started with a Blog being created on Blogspot & Started to experiment with different things there. I remember the happiest day was when I approved my Adsense account within 3 months.

At that time getting Approval for the Adsense account was the biggest achievement for me. But as time goes there are a lot of Ups & Downs in life, but the Good things were I had never thought of quitting this because I love to do things related to it, this was my passion.

I have given time to my passion and learned many things by reading top Blogging articles & watching some videos.

After that in 2019, I started to work on some professional Projects related to it in university and worked on many projects as a volunteer just to learn & Explore new things.

I have started teaching in school & the Academy because I need some money for my different professional projects and teaching was one thing that I used to love. So along with that, I had worked hard on my different projects as well.

in the end, I got the skills of teaching along with some knowledge and experience, which works pretty well. because this is a Killer combination. which has helped me in bringing towards the success I deserve.

My Aim 

I want to contribute my skills and knowledge for the betterment of my country’s future. I have always been looking for positive opportunities or working to collaborate on different projects if you have projects that we both can work on, You are more than welcome to share with me.